Advertisement for positions of Medical Specialist [2]

Advertisement for positions of Medical Specialist [2]

Job Group ‘P’ (2 posts)

The salary scale attached to this post Kshs 77,527×3, 877-81,404×4, 070-85,474×4, 274-89,748×4, 487-94,235×4, 712-98,947×4, 947-103,894 p.m.

Call allowance – Kshs 30,000

Extraneous allowance- Kshs 30,000

Non-practising allowance- Kshs46, 000

House allowance – Kshs28, 000

Commuter allowance 12,000

Sub- specialities {General surgeon (1), orthopaedic surgeon (1), Anaesthesiologist surgeon (1), General Physician (1)}

Roles and responsibilities

As a medical specialist will be responsible to the chief administrator in the performance of your duties and responsibilities. The specific duties will entails the following:

  • Be part of team of surgeons within Department of surgery and reporting to the Head of Department and Chief Administrator
  • Be involved in clinical management of patients including emergency care and procedures, elective procedures, outpatient clinics and inpatient management as per duty allocation/Roster
  • Provision of health services in various discipline in medicine and in the area of specialisation in a sub-county hospital or Coast Provincial general Hospital.
  • Provision of professional guidance and training of doctors, dentists, and health personnel working under him to ensure maintenance of the highest standards of health care in the hospital.
  • Application of the principles and procedures of the modern medicine in preventing,

Diagnosing, caring for and treating illness, injury using specialised testing, and diagnostic, medical and psychological techniques.

  • Supervision of the implementation of the care and treatment plans by other medical personnel.
  • Conducting education and research activities
  • Ensure effective work planning, performance management and professional development
  • Setting of standards and ensuring they are enforced
  • Ensure staff continuing medical education
  • Participate in the teaching , training of medical officers, interns, registrars clinical officers and other staff in the department
  • Ensure proper handling of patients, proper record keeping and detailed examinations, Diagnosis, clerking and management of patient.
  • Ensure proper procedure in referring patients
  • Be involved and participate in institutional agenda on quality and best practice and any other responsibilities allocated by the Chief Administrator

Requirements for the appointment

For appointment to this grade the officer must:

  • Have served at the level of senior medical officer job group ‘N’ for a minimum period of three years in the speciality
  • Have a Bachelor degree of medicine and bachelor of surgery (MB:Cu.B) or its equivalent from University of Nairobi or recognised university
  • Have a Master’s degree in the area of specialisation General Surgery, Anaesthesia, Neurosurgery, Paediatric Surgery, Reconstruction Surgery, Nephrology, Internal Medicine, critical care medicine, Paediatric Cardiology, Paediatrics
  • Diploma/Fellowship in the area of specialisation orthoplasty/orthoscopy, cardiac Anaesthesia for the post of medical specialist in orthopaedic surgeon and Anaesthesiologist will be an added advantage.
  • Applicants with Master’s degree in General Surgery, Paediatrics and Internal Medicine in other specialities must have a Diploma /Fellowship in the area of speciality.
  • Be registered by the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board
  • Be registered as a consultant by the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board
  • Have obtained relevant and approved specialisation/qualification in his/her field from recognised university
  • Have demonstrated administrative capabilities and an acceptable degree of professional competence
  • Have a comprehensive understanding of the clinical and /or surgical procedures, patient care procedures, medical protocols and testing procedures
  • Have knowledge of the use of the modern technology in the area of specialisation
  • Have analytical ability to evaluate and determine health status of patient and implement proper care plan
  • Must possess excellent interpersonal, decision making and problem solving skills
  • Ability to handle stressful situations and work under pressure
  • Be Team builder and a player
  • Exhibit high level of integrity, honesty, leadership transparency and accountability in the performance of duties.
  • Must fulfil the provisions of chapter six(6) of the constitution