Today I officially launched MV Mombasa 001, a project that is anchored in Mombasa vision 2035. The vessel will enable fishermen venture into deep sea fishing. Before this, our fishermen have been depending on dug out canoes which are so limiting. This project has been executed through our partnership with KCB.

The 10 tonne capacity fishing boat is ready to sail in the deep sea and exploit the blue economy that will further build the financial capacity for our people.

The county targets to have 14 of such vessels spread across our 6 sub counties. We are working towards improving the fish market and value addition.
I acknowledge the fact that the boat was fully constructed locally hence providing source of employment to the youth.

We have organized the Fishermen in cooperative model groups known as BMUs for capacity building in readiness for this new frontier.

MV Mombasa 001 will empower and drastically improve the daily catch of our ordinary fishermen.




The Construction of the 10 tonne capacity deep sea fishing vessel is complete. MV MOMBASA 001 is sailing for deep sea fishing trials on Wednesday next week. It was fully built by our local artisans at the County Fisheries boat yard.

The boat was constructed using fiber hence resistant to corrosion and is long lasting with limited maintenance.

Fitted with a 235 Horse Power Engine, Sleeping area, Cooking area, Fish storage cold stores and Fresh water tanks the vessel can stay in the ocean for over a month without having to dock for amenities. It will empower and drastically improve the daily catch of our ordinary fishermen who have been using dug out canoes since time immemorial.

It’s another first from Mombasa County



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