Director Human Resources Management & Development (1 Position)

Reports to          :      Secretary/CEO

Job Category     :       Group R

Job Description

  • The Director, Human resource management and Employee relationship will co-ordinate development of policies and provide oversight on human resource management function in the county public service. Undertake administration of county Public Service Promotional Examination Occupational tests. Shall also be in charge to co-ordinate organizational studies, business process reviews and advice on scheme of service and career progression;
  • Undertaking organizational and functional reviews to establish appropriate structures and adequate staffing levels;
  • Reviewing and carrying out needs assessment for the establishment and abolition of offices;
  • Setting standards on the development and review of schemes of service and career progression guidelines;
  • Reviewing and making recommendations in respect of qualifications of officers in the county public service.
  • Carrying out job evaluation and analyses to determine the relative worth and grading of jobs in the county public service;
  • Maintaining the establishment and complement control in the county public service;
  • Reviewing work processes with a view to enhancing efficiency and effectiveness ins service delivery;
  • Formulating and reviewing strategies and policies for human resource management and development in the county public service;
  • Identifying core training needs in line with the county objectives and goals for social economic development;
  • Ensuring institutional frameworks in county departments for the discharge of human resource management function
  • Regular skills auditing and maintenance of a skills inventory in the Mombasa county government;
  • Initiating collaboration with learning institutions and the school of government for purpose of offering appropriate training to the county public service.
  • Developing a framework for hearing and determination of appeals from county departments;
  • Undertaking research and analysis of the status of human resource function in the county public service;
  • Developing a framework for handing disciplinary matters and appeals from the county departments.
  • Any other duties assigned from time to time.

Required Academic and Professional Qualification

  • Have a Master’s degree in Human Resource or Public/Business Administration (HRM option) or related field from a university recognized in Kenya;
  • Have a Bachelor degree in social sciences, Public/Business administration (HRM option) or related discipline from a university recognized in Kenya;
  • Be in good standing with a relevant professional body;
  • Have at least 7 years’ experience in Human resource management, management consultancy, organizational development, Public administration and three (3) years of which should have been in senior leadership position in public service or private sector;
  • Have demonstrated professional competence, administration capabilities and initiatives in the general organization and management of public organization;

Be proficient in application of information communication technology (ICT). Previous experience with Oracle/HRIS is preferable.