Information Analyst (1 Post)

Reports to                :       Assistant Director Ombudsman Office

 Supervises                :       Staff under him/her

Job Category             :       Group N


Job Purpose

 The Information Analyst will be responsible for collecting, collating and analyzing information including complaints, concerns and general statements from both internal and external customers of the county government on un-ethical and governance, work performance, deliverables, fraud and corruption among other issues of public concern. Source may include but not limited to social media, hotlines, daily media and letters/correspondences.


The purpose of the job is aimed at instilling a culture of positive ethical behavior and conduct and facilitate good governance through application of analytical research by assessing and evaluating the impact of work ethical conduct and culture, personal attributes and behavior.


   Duties and responsibilities

  • Formulating strategies and processes that will facilitate proper collection, assessment, evaluation, analysis and timely reporting of findings on all ethical and governance concerns while documenting results.
  • Receiving complaints, concerns and/or requests to investigate on ethical and governance concerns that includes cases of fraud and corruption with a view to coming up with appropriate recommendations to facilitate finding solutions to the stated problems through actionable behavior.
  • Analyzing and interpreting information to assess the extent of violation and/or adherence to the ethical and governance concerns and applicable laws, rules and regulations pertaining to corruption and fraud cases.
  • Establish a proper records management system, procedures and policies on corruption and fraud cases/complaints for purposes of documenting the key areas of concern and seek applicable and workable solutions.
  • Work with appropriate analytical tools to pro-actively react and mitigate on ethical and governance concerns especially cases of corruption and fraud.
  • Facilitate provision of analysis, interpretation and reporting to the concerned recipients/departments or agencies with a view to recommending appropriate measures that needs to be taken in eliminating harmful and bad ethical behaviors.
  • Ensure the delivery of high quality and reliable information, analysis and interpretation based upon requests, complaints and concerns from departments or individual statements on ethical and governance issues. This includes the ability to interpret complex information, accurately identify issues and trends, make appropriate judgments, and provide relevant recommendations.
  • Identify emerging issues and trends on ethical and governance practices with a view to assessing and evaluating the possible impact or outcome of such trends and concerns and proactively seek reliable recommendation and feasible solutions.
  • Effectively communicate the interpretation of information and findings to the concerned individuals and agencies/departments.
  • Proactively identify and research on key ethical and governance issues by regularly analyzing trends in departmental and County’s performance in general.
  • Design analytic approaches and analysis to address emerging trends, questions or concerns related to ethics and governance with emphasis on county performance, corruption and fraud cases.
  • Participate in interpreting analyses of data, providing recommendations in support of critical decisions and strategies.
  • Prepare presentations that communicate complex analysis and findings in a simple, concise and interpretable manner.
  • Generate timely and accurate actionable reports to facilitate implementation of relevant recommendations by concerned parties.
  • Establish an effective monitoring and evaluation mechanism/unit through which fast-tracking of established ethical and governance concerns can be facilitated and/or achieved.

Requirements for Appointment

  • Bachelor’s degree in analytical, public/education policy or related technical area, computer/information sciences, statistics, economics or other comparable analytical fields of study.
  • Master’s Degree in the relevant field will be an added advantage.
  • Minimum of 5 years related experience.
  • Knowledge of project management, business planning and reporting, and the ability to apply analytical and strategic thinking may be desirable;
  • Experience in problem solving and decision making in a fast paced environment adopting a flexible and proactive approach and the ability to pre-empt and achieve solution based outcomes;
  • Proven ability to conduct research and analyzing data/findings and document results.
  • Ability to identify and manage ethical and governance related risks at an operational level and identify and communicate in a timely manner, any risk management issues;
  • A proven track record of building and sustaining a range of strong relationships and providing high quality service delivery;
  • Ability to foster a spirit of cooperation and collaboration across departments.

Key Competencies

  • Professionalism, integrity and commitment to ethical and integrity demands;
  • Excellent communication skills and a demonstrated approach to practical problem solving;
  • Demonstrate leadership with ability to accept responsibility and accountability for decisions made and actions taken.
  • Ability to motivate and build a team working environment to support intended goals and objectives;
  • Ability to professionally and competently deliver training, seminars and impart knowledge on ethical and governance issues;
  • Knowledge of Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Strategic/Business Planning and Financial Analysis/Reporting;
  • Highly motivated with a positive attitude and problem-solving approach;
  • Demonstrate ability to analyze, organize and synthesize data, contextual information, ideas, and concepts, so that they can be presented and communicated clearly.
  • Ability to conduct literature reviews.
  • Demonstrate capacity to manage, assess, validate, integrate and analyze a variety of large and small data sets using SAS or STATA statistical software.
  • Ability to thoroughly and clearly document analytic methods and findings.
  • To work effectively with a multi-disciplinary team of the board and information professionals.

To demonstrate a commitment to quality, problem solving, client service and responsiveness.