Mombasa County Inspectorate shows the way in efficient enforcement

Beneath the beautiful green uniforms that symbolize County law enforcement is a critical role that the Inspectorate plays in the making the County Government works towards meeting its goals and objectives.

As a body within the county, the Inspectorate carries out monitoring and implementation of all city regulations and other Acts which are within its competences. It manages the prosecutorial process in line with county legislation, carries out environmental supervision over the management of waste disposal.

Besides the core mandate of enforcing compliance by managing County regulations and bylaws, the Inspectorate also lends a hand or offers secondary support to services that are primarily the preserve of national government e.g. county traffic control and security.

The department comprises a well-trained -people friendly security team inclusive of fire fighters who also take charge of security operations in the county by efficiently and effectively responding to emergencies.

County Inspectorate has now become the source of pride especially with regard to management of traffic through the ever present and agile traffic marshals. Several Counties have been trooping to Mombasa to learn how the county has been able to put up an efficient, knowledgeable and disciplined traffic marshal system.

The image the inspectorate is projecting is far above what people were used to during the days of the local authorities when council askaris were associated with intimidation and sleaze. During the outbreak of Chikungunya in Mombasa, the inspectorate played a crucial role in mobilizing and helping residents.

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