Estates Redevelopment Plan

Highlights of the Estates Redevelopment Plan.

  1. No eviction of any tenant
  2. Construction will be in phases starting with empty spaces in the Estates
  3. One developer per each Estate
  4. Developers have bidded in conformity to Kenya procurement Act. It’s an international bid
  5. The redevelopment is a component of the Urban Integrated Development Plan which has gone through public participation and stakeholders participation in the last 3 years
  6. IUSDP includes commuter rail, Likoni bridge, water transport, water supply, solid waste management
  7. If by any means either via advise by NEMA a tenant has to be moved he will be compensated by paying rent for the period of construction
  8. When 7. above happens the tenant will not be paying rent. This is a condition in the bid RFP documents. Click here for more information
  9. A legal admissible document between tenant and county will be signed before all these happens
  10. Civil society led by Haki Yetu, Kituo cha Sheria, Land, Minda, TI, Juhudi amongst others are the ones obligated with drafting this document
  11. The existing tenants will get first opportunity to own the houses at cost at their personal ability for their comfort period
  12. All the tenants who live in the houses without proper documents either inherited or bought it through the “goodwill ” way i.e the illegal means,¬† we shall regularise that and engage with the person who is the current occupier
  13. Tenants of every estate have three members who will sit in the project committee of their estate for accountability and transparency
  14. The County shall issue 99 years lease to all the tenants as stipulated by the constitution of Kenya
  15. All Estates will be gated to enhance security and keep away grabbers and encroachment
  16. In compliance with the Planning Act each Estate will have schools, shopping centre  facilities, social hall, health facilities, bio-digester, water harvesting, children facilities amongst others
  17. There is bed-sitters, single bedroom, two bedrooms etc. There is room for the Muoroto guy at Ksh.900 and the guy who can pay Ksh.9, 000; it is a mixed housing programme
  18. This is just a summary. We are welcome for further Q&A