Staff Demography


The Human Resource & Development Directorate has facilitated the recruitment of staff for various County Departments. This was done through suitability tests and absorption of staff employed through Economic Stimulus Programmes (Department of Health and Department of Education and Children). It has also been done through advertisement of vacancies, shortlisting of candidates and conducting interviews with user departments. It has also been enabled through requests for confirmation of appointment for non-competitive positions. This is simply known as redeployment. It has also facilitated promotions and exit of staff from various departments.

During the last Financial Year, the Board recruited a total of 114 personnel. The breakdown is as follows:

30 Ward Administrators for the Office of the Governor, 50 Nurses and 21 Medical Officers for the Department of Health, 12 personnel for various positions for the Department of Finance and one member of the Board’s Secretariat.

Analysis of Distribution of Staff by Gender, Home County, Age and Ethnicity

The following figures summarise the demographics of those employed during the 2015-2016 Financial Year:

  Picture1                                      Picture2      


Picture3                                         Picture4


Picture5                                      Picture6                          






Civic Education Program

The Board spearheaded various efforts on sensitization and the promotion of values and principles to the public. This was mainly achieved through the roll out of a civic awareness program in collaboration with the various County departments and administrative structures.

The civic awareness program covered all the six sub-counties of Mombasa which are Mvita, Jomvu, Kisauni, Likoni, Nyali, and Changamwe.

Picture8                           Picture9 


Picture10                           Picture11


Picture12                             Picture13



Declaration of Wealth

As a requirement under the Public Officers’ Ethics Act 2003, all Public Officers whether employed by the National or County Government are required to religiously declare their Income, Assets and Liabilities within thirty days after becoming a public officer.

In compliance with the above mentioned Act it was necessary to advise each and every new employee joining the County Public Service to comply with the Wealth Declaration Form which is available within the Directorate of Ethics and Governance.