Who we are

Who We Are

The Mombasa County Public Service Board is established under Article 235 of the Constitution and Section 57 of the County Governments Act, 2012. The services that the Board provides are stipulated in Section 59 of the Act.

The Board has been operational since 2013, at the advent of devolution governance in Kenya.

The Board’s Vision

To be a leading County Public Service Board in Kenya providing efficient and quality service delivery.

The Board’s Mission

To ensure the citizenry of Mombasa receive quality professional public service in a robust, efficient and effective manner.

The Board’s Values

  • Patriotism: We shall ensure the Board is attached to the Nation and preserves the national pride, values and principles.
  • Professionalism: We shall adhere to standards of accuracy, diligence, care, professional conduct and work ethics in our service delivery.
  • Integrity: We shall discharge our duties with autonomy, fairness, respect and trust and selfless dedication.
  • Human dignity: We shall uphold the dignity of the people we serve and all the people with justice, equity and the sustenance of human rights.
  • Good governance: We shall embrace the principles of good governance, ethics transparency and accountability, free of discrimination but that which protects the marginalised.
  • ­­­­­­­­­Diversity: We shall ensure diversity in the county workforce.

The Board consists of a chairperson and Board Members as well as a Chief Executive Officer. The Chief Executive Officer heads the Secretariat, which consists of technical personnel who assist the Board with technical savoir-faire and skill.

The Secretariat contains three Directorates:

  1. Directorate of Finance and Administration
  2. Directorate of Human Resource Management and Development
  3. Directorate of Ethics and Good Governance

The Board has put in place the following Committees to allow for good govervance:

  1. Human Resource Management Committee
  2. Finance Committee
  3. Audit and Compliance Committee
  4. Ethics and Good Governance Committee

The Board’s functions include:

  • To establish/ abolish offices
  • To appoint staff
  • To promote values and principles in public service
  • Development of human resource
  • Advise County Government on human resource matters
  • Advise Salaries and Remuneration Commission

Our Stakeholders

  1. Citizenry of Mombasa
  2. National Government
  3. County Government
  4. MCPSB Staff
  5. Labour Unions
  6. Civil Societies