fort-jesus-kenyaThe Portuguese built Fort Jesus in 1593. The site chosen was a coral ridge at the entrance to the harbor. The Fort was designed by an Italian Architect and Engineer, Joao, Batista Cairato. The earliest known plan of the Fort is in a manuscript Atlas by Manuel Godinho de Heredia – dated 1610 which shows the original layout of the buildings inside the Fort.
It was built to secure the safety of Portuguese living on the East Coast of Africa.


Mamba village is East Africa’s largest crocodile farm that featuresCrocodile-feeding
a comprehesive tour as well as video presentation on the life cycle
and beheviour of crocodiles.The highligths of many vistors is the
scene of crocodile fighting for food during feeding time. Mamba
village is divided into different sections which include the crocodile
farm, the horse and camel riding, and floura magic, which is bonatical


3gal_animal_friends_30The Haller park – formerly Bamburi Nature Trail is the largest animal sanctuary in Mombasa. The park boasts an owen & mzee at the Haller parkenormous variety of animals, reptiles, insects and botanical gardens. Walking along the trail is the ideal way to look at the various animals, and on many occasions holding or feeding a reptile such as a snake is allowed under close supervision of a guide.


Ngomongo Villages was born in 1991. At that time it was a sun bakedngomongo villages
and barren rocky base of an exhausted limestone mine. The floor of
this quarry is barely five feet above the slightly salty water table.

A local medical doctor started single handedly to reclaim this quarry by
planting four acres of eighty different indigenous trees. Public awareness
to tree planting was raised by inviting the public to plant the last open
acre of quarry. A total of about fifteen thousand trees and plants have
so far been planted in Ngomongo Villages.


old-town-mombasa“Old Town” is the part of Mombasa that is reminiscent of the days when the Arabs exerted a heavy influence on the town and its culture, and especially in the architecture and language (Kiswahili has a lot of phrases derived from various Arabic dialects). It is well known for its ancient buildings, extravagant art designs and curio shops that sell antique and popular Kenyan souvenirs. Old Town is best seen when explored by foot with an experienced guide.


The Bombolulu workshops are located along the north coast ofbombolulu
Mombasa. Founded in 1969, Bombolulu Workshops is a Project
of the Association for the Physically Disabled in Kenya (APDK).
It is a major Tourist attraction which consists of a Cultural Centre
with 8 traditional homesteads. The Centre also runs a traditional
Restaurant and entertains guests with traditional dances
throughout the day.


wild-waters-kenyaTransformed to its present magnificent beauty from seven and half Acres of wasted land but maintaining the natural environment the New family Entertainment Park. WILD WATERS is the biggest of its Kind in the larger region of East Africa.
The park provides a complete family experience with fun the Water, Land and Air.


This place could be attractive or congested depending on the day of the week visit5S9A9556ed. The best days to visit this public beach is a week day. At
that time, its almost deserted and you can enjoy having the whole beach to yourself. But on weekends and public holidays, the beach comes alive
with hundreds of people enjoying various activities and swimming, and others selling various merchandise.

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